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The Scottsboro Public Library first opened in 1929 in the northwest corner of the Jackson County Courthouse. The library has resided in its current location on Broad Street since 1970. The mission and purpose of the Scottsboro Public Library is to provide quality library services and resources to meet the informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs of all citizens in Jackson County. The library serves the community by providing free literacy materials, access to technology and educational programs for all ages. The Scottsboro Public Library exists to serve the Scottsboro and Jackson County community as a center for current, reliable and appropriate information as a resource for the continuing life-long education of all members of the community. The library shall strive to meet the needs and interests of the community through selection, acquisition, organization and preservation of library materials.

The Scottsboro Public Library Board meets every 3rd Tuesday at 3:30 pm at the Scottsboro Public Library.  Meetings are open to public. 

The Scottsboro Public Library Policy and Procedure Manual is available upon request at the library. 

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